Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many “agents” do I need to start a club?

CIA clubs come in many sizes! You may start with as few as two to three

boys or you may have a couple hundred! You’ll want to aim for having one small

group leader for every 6-8 boys.

  • Where do clubs meet?

Most clubs meet in the sponsoring church or Christian organization and

utilize classroom space as well as larger meeting spaces. Some clubs also

use community centers and shared spaces through home school


  • How much are the annual dues?

The annual dues are $390.00, or $13.00 per registered boy, whichever is

higher. Funds are due each year on, or before, the date of your club’s

renewal, as determined by the initial date you signed up.

  • Does my club need to meet in my church?

Clubs must have a sponsoring church or Christian organization. The

meeting location may be worked out with your church or organization.

Most clubs meet in the church or organization’s meeting areas.

  • How do we handle insurance, liability and security?

Your church or Christian organization is responsible for providing insurance

protection for your club as well as providing proper background checks for

your leaders.

  • How old are the agents in a CIA Boys’ Club?

CIA Boys’ Clubs are developed for boys in first through eighth grades. A

leadership-training curriculum for high school-aged boys is also in

development. While materials are produced for that full range, you

are free to determine the specific age-range your club will offer.

  • How long does a meeting last?

Most clubs meet for 90 minutes to 2 hours every other week, though some

clubs meet for longer. There are clubs that only meet once monthly and

others that meet every week.

  • How long does a season last?

typically the season follows along with your areas school calendar. we suggest taking a break from regular programming for the summer and instead host special summer events. check out suggestions for those events in your curriculum guide.

  • What does a typical meeting look like?

Please view the following link to learn more about what a typical meeting

looks like.

  • Who are the leaders?

Club Coordinators are responsible for organizing the club. Leaders lead

small groups of boys and may help with other areas of the club including

games, devotionals, or worship. CIA leaders are men and women of faith

who desire to live as salt and light to a needy world. They are adults and

teens who have a heart to help the next generation of boys become

Christian men.

  • What materials do I need to have to run a CIA Boys’ Club?

Use this link to check out our What You Need guide.

  • What is the church’s or Christian organization’s role in the CIA Boys’ Club ministry?

Uphold and seek to accomplish the mission of this ministry—to raise boys

into men who live out their in passionate response to the Good News.

Provide for regular and consistent Bible study in club by utilizing the

materials produced by CIA Boys’ Clubs. Provide Christ-inspired and Christ-

directed leadership to the boys in club through the prayerful selection,

supervision, and support of mentors (leaders and teen special agents).

Ensure that the club meets regularly throughout a designated season.

Support the CIA ministry through regular and consistent prayer. Support

CIA financially by ensuring that annual club dues (see above for pricing)

are sent to the CIA Global Office. Support the ministry of CIA financially by

prayerfully considering the collecting and forwarding of one annual

offering to the CIA Global office.

  • What does CIA provide member churches or Christian organizations?

WE Provide Christ-inspired and Christ-directed leadership to the overall

ministry. Develop effective, inspiring program materials for boys and their

mentors (leaders) that are biblically-based and socially/culturally-relevant.

Organize, plan, and provide multiple training opportunities for mentors

(leaders) each year so they can be prepared and fully equipped to lead.

Regularly pray for the boys and leaders in CIA Clubs everywhere.

Is there a program for Girls? Yes, we recommend GEMS Girls Clubs! GEMS is an acronym for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior. Their vision is to see girls around the world actively and enthusiastically expressing love for God and others. Their mission is to bring girls everywhere into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. find them online here, and if you decide to sign up, tell them CIA sent you, it will help our partnership to grow even further and you can be a part of that.


What songs do you use for club/CIA Sunday?

Check out cia boys club on spotify for great song ideas for worship during club time, while playing games or for CIA Sunday.

  • What do you do for CIA Sunday?

CIA SUNDAY is a special event that is specific to your club and the church or christian organization that sponsors it. often cia sunday is used to highlight the ministry to the larger congregation, generate interest in new sign ups or new volunteers, and to raise funds for the ministry locally and /or as an offering to be sent to the cia main office for contribution to the larger mission of our ministry to the world. for help planning out your event, contact us at or call 772-877-0194

  • How do you recruit CIA leaders?

growing your ministry is a process that is best done in two equally important ways: through face to face INTERACTION with the larger congregation as well as by speaking face to face with the parents of the boys who attend. We suggest holding information sessions where interested parents can come and ask questions of the clubs leaders and hear about the plans the club has. You can also schedule our executive director Adam Sculnick to speak at your church, leveraging the excitement a "special guest" often brings to a congregation to generate interest. to book a speaking event, call 772-877-0194 or email

  • How do you thank leaders?

You can be creative when it comes to thanking your CIA leaders! Check out for great gift ideas and call us at 772-877-0194 for bulk ordering discount options

  • What do you do for Christmas parties?

Check out the CIA leader guide in your launch kit for great ideas for a cia Christmas party thast your agents and their families will love.

  • What do you do for season kickoff/closing?


  • What if I can’t afford the CIA materials?

We understand that not all churches or Christian organizations will always be able to afford cia curriculum. please do not let that stop you. contact us at 772-877-0194 and discuss what options you have available to you.

  • What do you do for year end / parent fun night

The leader guide for each curriculum contains fun ideas for special events. for help planning a event that is customized to you, please reach out to us via email at or call 772-877-0194

  • Where do I find the theme song

The Theme Song is available within the Curriculum Starter Kit. if you lost the file and need a replacement, please email

  • Where do I find the lessons

THe season launch kit has everything you need for both the large and small group lessons that you'll teach at the meetings, as well as small group questions, ice breakers and more.

  • Where is the CIA Boys’ Club logo? Theme logo?

The CIA logo and individual theme logo are provided in the usb toolbox that comes with your launch kit. IF YOU LOST THE FILE AND NEED A REPLACEMENT, PLEASE EMAIL HELLO@CIABOYSCLUB.ORG

  • How do you promote your club to the community? To the congregation?

CIA has many promotional materials available! You may find promotional materials in the usb toolbox provided in your launch kit. You may also direct parents and the community to our website and social media.

What is the dues rate? How do I pay the dues?

The annual dues are $390.00, or $13.00 per registered boy, whichever is higher. Funds are due each year on, or before the date of your club’s renewal, as determined by the initial date you signed up. those dues can be paid via check or via our giving page. send checks payable to cia boys club to 477 sw cashmere blvd. Port Saint Lucie, fl 34986. if using the giving page, please indicate in the notes section the name of your church and the reason for the funds (ie "annual dues")

  • Where do I update my counselor list?

The CIA Global Office sends a google form via email to Club Coordinators each year that must be completed and returned within 30 days of receipt. If you have lost your form or need to make additional changes, please email us at


THERE IS NO REASON TO STEP INTO THE HOME LIFE AND FAMILY TRADITIONS OF THE INDIVIDUAL BOYS WHO ATTEND YOUR MINISTRY AND SO WE SUGGEST OFFICIALLY THAT YOU STAY OUT OF THE DISCUSSION. If a boy asks if there is such a thing as the easter bunny or santa claus, redirect their question to what the meaning of the holiday actually is (ie the birth of our savior and his RESURRECTION)

  • Here's some stuff


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All materials that are back ordered will ship as soon as they are in stock, but please note that special order merchandise is subject to availability and may take 4 to 6 weeks before shipping. Contact the Global Office with any questions. Call 772-877-0194 or email

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As a non-profit ministry, we are unable to offer free pickups. All of your purchases are with a purpose and support the building of God’s kingdom through helping boys locally and globally to know and experience God’s love.

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