Leader Guide: We provided a 15 lesson guide that

contains the teaching materials to use at the

meeting for teaching the lesson and for

leading the small group time. It also contains the flow of each meeting, ice breaker tips, a prayer tool, a gospel outline and more to ensure you are fully prepared to host each meeting.

Video Training Series: Setting volunteers up

for success is paramount to making sure the

ministry runs smoothly. This provided series

teaches your volunteers exactly how the

ministry works and what they can expect from

the various roles they may have, answering

many of the commonly asked questions so

that you don’t have to.

Games Library: Each meeting of CIA has a

dedicated lesson but the game choice is

yours. You’ll receive our games library which is

instructions and videos for excited group

games you can play with your agents to keep

them energized and having fun.

How To Launch A Club Guide: A successful

launch makes for a great season. You’ll receive

this guide which will help you hit the ground

running with tips for advertising, pricing,

scheduling and more.

Support: Running a ministry is not a one person

operation and we intend to come along

side and serve with you in as many ways as

you need in order to help you serve the needs

of the agents attending your club. You will have personal access to ministry coaching with our executive director Adam Sculnick who will help you with anything you need, from troubleshooting your initial launch, curriculum challenges, finding leaders, inspiring the congregation to support the new ministry, or anything else you need either via email, zoom meeting or even in-person.

Prayer: We regularly pray for the

clubs we support and the agents that attend

their respective ministries. God is sovereign

over all things and we turn to Him for

ourselves and on your behalf out of reverence

to Him and loved for each of you.


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